Time Flies!

I’ve been extremely quiet of late, and this is going to be a supershort blog. In fact the only reason I’m blogging it rather than Tweeting, is the fact that I can’t quite fit it all into the space provided!

I am one of those people who likes to be busy and to have a project in the works. I’m also a giant control freak and pathologically unable to delegate. Seriously, I’ve tried, it doesn’t work out well for me. Anyway. I’ve been very busy recently, with school (I signed up to a second degree course. Why? Why do I do this to myself?) and with my offline career (which has seen a surprising upswing recently. I have no idea why. Alchemy? Black magic?) in the past few months, and so I’ve found myself with less time than I even anticipated to be here and creating sexy hypno for you all. Go ahead and count how many times I’ve said something like that in the past couple of years, I dare you. Lord above. This year is half over already and I still have so much to do! Aaaah!

In any case, while I’m not here much right now, I am still around-ish and your messages and Tweets still make me smile! I hope you’re all having a blast in this gorgeous summer weather, darlings! I can’t make any promises for new mp3s coming soon, but there are so many wonderful Dommes out there creating sessions for you, I’m sure you’ll manage somehow. ;)

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Mirror Mirror – PERSONALIZED!

I think it’s that time again darlings, don’t you? Yes, that’s right, time for another free mp3 download! And of course, to make it all the more interesting and fun, I’ll be offering a limited number of personalized copies to some of you lucky little sluts. ;)

This file will be released free to everyone at Spiral Seductions on July 16th. But if you pre-order, you’ll get your very own customized version of it. Imagine how much more impactful it will be to hear me speak directly to you, sweetness, as you slip into deep trance and open your mind to my directions!

~ ~ ~ ~

Mirror Mirror

Length: 40 minutes (approx)
Personalized Pre-Order Price: $75

You’ve always had this feeling, haven’t you sweetness? This strange feeling, deep inside, that something about you is just… maybe a tiny little bit… feminine?

Well darling, it’s perfectly true. There is indeed a lovely woman, hidden deep under your manly exterior. And isn’t it about time you let her out to play? Imagine being free to enjoy putting on makeup, dressing in soft pastel colors, slipping into silk or cashmere and feeling perfectly at home, perfectly comfortable. Perfectly perfect!

This erotic hypnosis session will help you see yourself a little more clearly. See the softness and beauty of your own face when you look in the mirror, the pretty girl staring out from behind your own eyes. This is not a jerk-off session, nor is it a sissy humiliation. It is the divine pleasure of the feminine, blossoming within your breast, coming to life inside your body and showing you that it’s ok to be who you are. And if that also includes being a dirty, naughty girl sometimes, that’s good too. ;)

~ ~ ~ ~

Ready to order your personalized session? Fill out the details below and I shall send you NiteFlirt payment info. Let’s go!

And we’re done!


Let’s be friends!

Fair warning, it’s entirely possible that I am about to offend you. If I do, I want you to take a moment to really think about why you’re offended. Seriously.

I’ve written blogs before about friendship and fondness and even love within the hypno-fetish scene. Not here though, and so it seems worthwhile revisiting the subject. It’s one of the things I sincerely hate hearing from listeners, that frustrating refrain of ‘I want to be your friend!’ or any variation thereof. Not because I hate having friends or because friendship sucks (my bronies know that it’s magical). But because it’s such a giant can of worms to open up in the realm of professional domination.

Usually my first thought when I read or hear ‘I want to be your friend’ is ‘Dude, what do you think my actual friendships look like?’ Seriously, do you imagine that I spend time with my friends dressed up in leather and playing with their naughty bits? O_o Man that would be creepy and weird. Friendship to me, is not sexual in any way, shape or form. Friendship actually excludes interactive sexuality 100% for me. My friends are Time Off from fetishland and work. So when you tell me you want to be my friend, you’re telling me (in my own head) that you want nothing to do with me sexually. At all.

But of course I realize that in your own head, things are rather different. In your head it’s anything from ‘Hey I think you’re pretty cool and I’m interested in your opinions on music/sport/politics as well as your skill with kink‘ all the way through to ‘If I make her believe we’re friends, she’ll give me time and kinky attention for free!‘ (Incidentally, I will not. Ever. And you are neither subtle nor original if you attempt this.) But the thing is, there’s a massive grey area where being friendly and being friends can get confused. I’m going to be friendly with my patrons and subs, because I’m running a business here and because they’re generally pretty nice dudes whom I genuinely like. Unless I have an agreed Bitch Dynamic with you, yeah, I’m a friendly girl. That doesn’t mean we’re friends.

And if you’re taking that as a huge insult, think about my first point. What do you think friendship looks like? Now ask yourself again, is friendship what you really want here? It might be, and if it is, that’s ok, but I’m not the right Domme for you. I believe, and I could be wrong, that when you boys ask for or declare friendship with me, or any Pro-Domme, the request really is for a deeper emotional connection. And that is an entirely different thing. A deeper emotional connection with a HypnoDomme is a beautiful and deeply rewarding thing for both parties, it opens up whole new levels of pleasure. But it isn’t friendship. And for me at least, it never can be, if you want to be a part of my kinky universe.

So my darlings, and I say this with the utmost respect and sincerity, please let’s not be friends!